Brandon Light

Corporate Engineer

Education: BS Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University
Mr. Light’s introduction to the optics community began with summer employment at Glass Fab in Rochester, New York. This experience led to a position with the University of Rochester’s Center for Optics Manufacturing, followed by his present position at Optimax Systems in Ontario, New York.
Upon his start at Optimax, Mr. Light worked on developing asphere manufacturing capabilities. Through his part in a team effort, Optimax was able to extend its rapid prototype capability to aspheric optics. Currently, Mr. Light supports day-to-day operations of the Optimax Manufacturing Engineering Department.

FIGURE 1. Global shape descriptors are shown for some common optical components.

DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING: Practical design software eases asphere manufacturability

Jan. 1, 2013
Recent design methods and software advances make it much easier to design aspheric surfaces that actually work in production and test by considering manufacturability issues at...
FIGURE 1. The optical transmission of spinel, AlON, and sapphire in the mid-IR all reach to the 5 μm region.
Detectors & Imaging

MID-IR OPTICS: Common-aperture IR imaging systems handle multispectral demands

Oct. 1, 2010
Appropriate choice of optical materials and fabrication techniques enables common-aperture imaging systems that are extremely light and stable.