Trevor Vogt

Trevor Vogt is the Director of Engineering for Gamma Scientific, joining the company in 2011. He is a native Californian and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Mr. Vogt currently leads the Research and Development function for Gamma Scientific, pursuing new technologies and product designs for a wide variety of optical metrology applications. His technical expertise includes thin film optical coating metrology, camera and sensor design, optical metrology, spectrometry & spectroradiometry, LED / lighting test and characterization and industrial automation. He has several publications in the area of light measurement and optical sensing.

FIGURE 1. Linearity is compared between a traditional source (a) and a TLS source (b); linearity of the traditional source suffers at both the low and high ends of the range.
Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement: Spectrally tunable light sources allow advanced sensor characterization

Jan. 2, 2019
LED-based tunable light source (TLS) technology enables modern sensors to be tested with higher precision, accuracy, and speed.