Hari Venugopalan

Director of Global Product Management
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Hari Venugopalan is director of global product management at Crystal IS (Green Island, NY).

(Courtesy of Crystal IS)
FIGURE 1. Biofouling of a surface in a marine environment is a process that begins with the formation of a biofilm and eventually involves attachment of larger organisms.
Lasers & Sources

Photonic Frontiers: LEDs - UVC LEDs reduce marine biofouling

July 11, 2016
Deep-ultraviolet LEDs emitting in the 250–280 nm range can help sense and prevent fouling of ships by biofilms.
Adapted from Hamamatsu Light Source, http://www.hamamatsu.com/resources/pdf/etd/LIGHT_SOURCE_TLSZ0001E01.pdf, Apr. 2014
FIGURE 1. Stability of light output for various traditional UV light sources.
Lasers & Sources

Ultraviolet LEDs: UVC LEDs enable cost-effective spectroscopic instruments

Jan. 16, 2015
The traditional light sources used in UV spectroscopy can, for some uses, be replaced by LEDs, greatly reducing both capital and operating costs.