Dr. Lawrence A. Johnson

Director of Business and Technology Development

Larry Johnson is the Director of Business and Technology Development at ILX Lightwave, now a member of the Newport Corporation family of brands. Prior to Newport’s acquisition of the company, Dr. Johnson was the founder of ILX Lightwave and served as the company’s President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors. ILX Lightwave has been the acknowledged market and technology leader in laser diode instrumentation and test systems for over 26 years. Prior to founding ILX Lightwave, Dr. Johnson was a research group leader at Rosemount Inc where he was responsible for the development of new technology related to fiber optic sensors for industrial applications. Prior to 1983 Dr. Johnson held a number of technical positions in aerospace and government laboratories where his work focused on electro-optical systems for defense and environmental monitoring. Dr. Johnson holds MS and PhD degrees in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona and a BS in Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines.