Roy Henderson

Co-author: Laser Safety

Roy Henderson is one of the UK’s leading specialists in laser safety. Through his UK-based consulting company, Bioptica, which he established in 1990, he provides safety support to European manufacturers and users of laser equipment. Roy graduated in physics from the University of London and has followed a career in the application of optics and laser technology in both the medical and industrial sectors. He is actively involved in the development of international safety standards. He is the Chairman of the European CENELEC committee for laser safety (CLC/TC76), a member of the IEC/TC76 committee and is the project leader of ISO/TC94/SC6 for laser eye protection. Roy is accredited in the UK as a Laser Protection Adviser and is co-author of the comprehensive handbook ‘Laser Safety’. In addition to running laser-safety courses throughout the UK and Ireland he has also provided training in the USA and Asia, and has regularly served on the Advisory Board for the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC). Roy assists RLI in dealing with European safety requirements and his company collaborates with RLI in providing advanced laser-safety Masterclasses in the UK.