Dr. Angus Macleod

President and CEO, Thin Film Center

Angus Macleod is President of Thin Film Center Inc, Tucson and Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona. He was born in Scotland and after graduating from the University of Glasgow he worked in research, development, engineering, production and management for several UK companies. He was Reader in Thin-Film Physics at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic (now University of Northumbria) from 1971 and professor of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona from 1979. In 1995 he retired from the University to devote his full attention to Thin Film Center. His technical interests are primarily in optical coatings, their design, analysis and production. He has over 200 publications in the area of optical coatings but is probably best known for his book “Thin-Film Optical Filters,” now in its fourth edition.

A dielectric multilayer stack coating, measuring 0.5 μm in total thickness, that has been intentionally released from the optic surface before imaging. The image was taken at 200x using a Nomarski microscope.

Advances in Optical Manufacturing: Measurement considerations when specifying optical coatings

Oct. 13, 2015
Design, specification, and procurement of optical coatings all benefit when the designer has a good understanding of measurement techniques and uncertainties.
FIGURE 1. Polarizer performance in collimated light shows an extinction ratio as low as 0.000000001; however, in a 4° cone (semi-apex angle), it reaches 0.0012—almost exactly as predicted by the approximate expression.

SOFTWARE & COMPUTING: Development of optical thin-film modeling forges ahead

July 12, 2013
We use models in virtually everything we do, and the design and analysis of optical coatings is no exception.
(Courtesy of Thin Film Center Inc.)
FIGURE 1. In a simple example of process simulation, noise in the optical monitoring signal is simulated during a test of a run sheet for a 40-layer longwave-pass filter.

Progress in optical-coating design depends on progress in manufacture

April 1, 2010
Software tools for the design of optical coatings have become indispensable items in the kit of a coating designer. Nowadays these go well beyond straightforward calculation and...