Oren Aharon

Oren Aharon is the CTO of Duma Optronics. He has several decades of experience in the electro-optical field, including start-up initiations based on his patents. He founded Duma Optronics 25 years ago to offer advanced enabling technologies to industry. He owns 30 patents and graduated from Technion with a BSc in nuclear engineering and an MSc in industrial engineering. He has written numerous articles and served as a technical assistant to the Israeli Minister of Energy.

(Image credit: Duma Optronics)
Test & Measurement

Back to the future of electronic autocollimation

March 7, 2024
Upgrades to these sensitive measuring devices expand their usability in photonics applications.
FIGURE 1. Schematic of a typical deposition welding head.
Industrial Laser Solutions

High-power beam analysis

Sept. 4, 2013
Advances in manufacturing technology and the trends for faster and more accurate procedures opened the door for new metal welding and cutting applications based on high power ...
FIGURE 1. The Cleanergy (Göteborg, Sweden) dish system has a capacity of 11 kW electric power and may be used in standalone or other decentralized applications, as well as clusters with a capacity of up to several hundred megawatts. The parabolic concentrator reflects the incoming solar radiation onto a cavity receiver, which is located at the concentrator's focal point.
Test & Measurement

TEST & MEASUREMENT: Profiling solar energy in concentrated solar power systems

Feb. 1, 2013
A beam characterization system shows how the solar energy distribution on a mirror's focal point can be accurately measured for criteria such as solar beam image size and power...