Matthew Philpott

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, NUBURU

Dr. Matthew Philpott is chief marketing and sales officer at NUBURU (Centennial, CO). He has 22 years’ experience in the laser industry, most recently focusing on the electric vehicle market for Coherent. He led a multi-year global team effort to grow Coherent’s business, making it one of the top suppliers of lasers for battery manufacturing. Beyond success in the EV market, he has held a wide range of roles in sales, marketing, and business development, with expertise in materials processing, microelectronics, display, and bioinstrumentation. Dr. Philpott holds a B.S. in chemistry and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in physical chemistry.

FIGURE 1. Cleanroom for automation manufacture of the NUBURU second-generation laser.
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FIGURE 1. An aluminum prismatic battery seam seal is shown, where the cross-section (a) and longitudinal section (b) clearly show no porosity.
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Cross section of an inkjet nozzle hole.
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