Herman Chui

Vice President & General Manager, MKS Spectra-Physics

Herman Chui is Vice President & General Manager, Photonics Solutions Division, Lasers at MKS Spectra-Physics (Milpitas, CA).

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Industrial Laser Solutions

Nano to pico to femto: Pulse widths for optimal laser micromachining outcomes

May 11, 2017
While several laser parameters affect the machining results, the choice of pulse width is one of the important factors that affect the precision, throughput, quality, and economics...
FIGURE 1. Two photos of micro-stents machined by the Spirit laser.
Industrial Laser Solutions

Femtosecond lasers for manufacturing implantable medical devices

Jan. 27, 2014
Athermal ablation produces clean micro-scale machined features.
FIGURE 1. Consistency of individual ablation spots degrades at higher repetition rate and scan speed in a thin-film PV P2 scribe of a-Si panels using a typical DPSS Q-switched laser.
Lasers & Sources

HIGH-POWER SOLID-STATE LASERS: Lasers speed solar cell production

July 1, 2011
A new generation of Q-switched solid-state lasers is enabling thin-film laser scribing with a new set of processing parameters: High quality scribes for amorphous-silicon thin...