Rajesh Patel

Independent Consultant

Rajesh Patel, now an independent consultant in laser applications, was with MKS Spectra-Physics from 2006 through 2018, with his most recent role there being Director of Strategic Marketing and Applications Engineering.

FIGURE 1. Glass marked and engraved for lab-on-chip devices (a) and stainless steel marked with permanent, high-contrast, high-resolution graphics (b) were both accomplished using an Origami ultrashort-pulsed laser. (Courtesy of Optek Systems)
Lasers & Sources

Ultrafast lasers hit the spot in medical device manufacturing

June 1, 2019
Advances in optical fibers and laser cavity engineering have dramatically improved the beam characteristics and efficiency of ultrafast lasers used for manufacturing medical devices...
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Industrial Laser Solutions

Nano to pico to femto: Pulse widths for optimal laser micromachining outcomes

May 11, 2017
While several laser parameters affect the machining results, the choice of pulse width is one of the important factors that affect the precision, throughput, quality, and economics...
FIGURE 1. The Spectra-Physics logo cut in ~1mm-thick CFRP plate.
Industrial Laser Solutions

High-power UV laser has use in CFRP machining

Nov. 11, 2015
Fast processing speeds without carbon fiber damage are possible.