Bjorn Sjodin

Bjorn Sjodin works for COMSOL (Burlington, MA).

FIGURE 1. The metal-dielectric interface in a plane at y = 0. This system supports SPPs propagating in the x direction and exponentially decaying in the y direction.
Software & Accessories

Simulation of surface plasmon polaritons

March 10, 2023
The hunt is on for better plasmonic designs, and optical simulation software will play an important role.
FIGURE 1. A full-wave finite-element analysis is done of electromagnetic waves that scatter off a metallic sphere. The electric-field variations make it necessary to use a fine mesh throughout the computational domain. As a consequence of the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, each wavelength needs to be resolved with a minimum of two sampling points to avoid aliasing. In practice, this leads to a requirement of at least a handful of finite elements per wavelength in each spatial direction.

Wave Optics: Beam-envelope method efficiently analyzes photonic components

Nov. 9, 2017
Optics-modeling electromagnetics software beats the Nyquist criterion while saving computation time.