Udo Loeschner

Professor of Laser Manufacturing Technology, Laser Institute of Mittweida

Udo Loeschner is Professor of Laser Manufacturing Technology at the Laser Institute of Mittweida (Mittweida, Germany).

FIGURE 1. Machining examples demonstrate the potential of high-rate laser microprocessing technology: a large-area ripple-textured AISI 304 stainless-steel surface for bioinspired surface functionalization (a); an aluminum airfoil profile covered with microtextured riblet formations for drag reduction (b).
Lasers & Sources

Ultrafast Laser Machining: High-rate laser microprocessing handles large-area substrates

Oct. 1, 2019
The combination of high-power (or high-average power) lasers and high-speed scanning systems processes large substrates quickly and accurately.
FIGURE 1. Optical microscope images of a single defect array in PMMA produced with lateral pulse distances of 15 µm: a) top view, b) side view.
Industrial Laser Solutions

Laser processing inside polymers

May 1, 2011
Using ultrashort pulses produces a rapid tooling technology for the generation of 3D parts.