Tim Kunze

Tim Kunze is the CEO of Fusion Bionic, a spinoff from Fraunhofer IWS (Dresden, Germany), which focuses on the commercialization of laser texturing solutions using direct laser interference patterning for large-area and high-speed laser surface functionalization. He holds a master’s degree in computational science and a Ph.D. in natural science.

FIGURE 1. A photovoltaic farm in an arid climate (left) and currently installed power generation capacity and projected solar PV capacity in 2030, to be met by the net-zero emission scenario for 2050 (right). The required annual growth rate (RAGR) amounts to about 25%.
Laser Processing

Lasers, biomimetics enable self-cleaning photovoltaic panels

Nov. 30, 2022
Dust accumulation on solar modules and mirrors can be removed via a technique that combines lasers and a biomimetic approach.