Marco Mendes

Director of Laser Applications Engineering, IPG Photonics - Materials Processing Systems Division

Marco Mendes is director of laser applications engineering at IPG Photonics  Materials Processing Systems Division (Marlborough, MA).

FIGURE 1. Maximum power of fiber lasers used in cutting systems from 2016.
Laser Processing

Advances in cutting with ultrahigh-power fiber lasers

Sept. 20, 2022
Ultrahigh-power fiber lasers enable fast, high-quality thick cutting, including air-assist cutting of steels, and offer many advantages over other cutting options.
FIGURE 1. A schematic of wobble patterns (a) and a circle wobble illustration (b) are shown.
Industrial Laser Solutions

Recent advances in fiber laser welding

May 1, 2018
New fiber laser technologies are paving the way for innovative joining techniques.