Timothy S. McComb

Fiber Laser Principal Designer, nLIGHT

Timothy S. McComb is fiber laser principal designer at nLIGHT (Camas, WA).

FIGURE 1. Chirally coupled core (3C) optical fiber mode propagation (a), a 33 μm core-diameter fiber image (b), simulated modal loss vs. wavelength for the two lowest fiber modes (c), and mode beat analysis for well-aligned and offset 33 μm fibers are shown. A spectral beating analysis that looks at the magnitude of fiber mode beating as a function of misalignment of a launched signal shows effectively no beat, indicating high-purity single-mode operation.
Fiber Optics

Fiber Lasers: 3C optical fibers improve large-mode-area MOPA designs

March 11, 2014
Chirally coupled core (3C) optical fibers allow large-mode areas, near-diffraction-limited beam quality, and effectively zero modal pointing, owing to designed-in higher-order...