Ivan Nikitski

Photonics Technology Manager, EPIC

Ivan Nikitski is photonics technology manager at the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC; Paris, France).

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A photonic integrated circuit.

Advancing photonic integrated circuit packaging in Europe

June 26, 2023
European companies are now at the forefront of developing groundbreaking approaches to the packaging of photonic integrated circuits (PICs).
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Software & Accessories

Simulation and modeling for quantum photonics

June 14, 2023
Ivan Nikitski, EPIC’s Photonics Technology program manager, talks to Mirella Koleva, CEO and cofounder of Quantopticon, makers of simulation software to streamline the design ...
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Packaging technology for datacom moves toward commercialization

July 8, 2022
Ivan Nikitski, EPIC’s photonics technology manager, talks to Oded Raz, cofounder of PhotonX Networks, a Technical University of Eindhoven spinoff that aims to commercialize packaging...