Michael North-Morris

Senior Director of Product Development, 4D Technology

Michael North-Morris is senior director of product development at 4D Technology (Tucson, AZ).

FIGURE 1. Dynamic interferometry methods and configurations are shown.
Test & Measurement

The metrology story behind the James Webb Space Telescope

July 11, 2022
Producing NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s sophisticated optical system required new technology and methods to ensure its components can perform as designed—and it presented...
FIGURE 1. The James Webb Space Telescope, for which the main contractor is Northrop Grumman Space Technology (Redondo Beach, CA), will have an 18-segment primary mirror with overall diameter of 6.5 m. This construction reflects the trend in segmentation of primary mirrors for terrestrial and space-based telescopes.

Test and Measurement: Multiple-wavelength interferometry measures large segmented mirrors

Multiple-wavelength interferometry can provide a fast, high-quality alternative to contact profiling and scanning techniques.