Thorlak Vestergaard

VP Manufacturing & Technology, NIL Technology (NILT)

Thorlak Vestergaard has worked with manufacturing, supply chain, and operations management in industry-leading global high-tech companies for more than 20 years. His primary experience stems from bringing mobile phones into production for Nokia Mobile Phones and managing the supply chain and operations for Jabra (part of GN Audio A/S, Denmark).

Since mid-2020, Thorlak has been with NIL Technology (NILT; Kongens Lyngby, Denmark), an optical solutions company within diffractive optics and meta-optics. His mission is to bring the precision of E-beam lithography into mass manufacturing of high-performing optical elements for sensing applications.

FIGURE 1. A SEM image of a metaoptical element designed and manufactured by NIL Technology.

Scaling metalenses for mass manufacturing

April 20, 2022
Combining nanoimprint lithography with e-beam lithography enables the fabrication of high-quality, low-cost meta-optical elements in batch sizes suitable for mass manufacturing...