Hubertus Russert

Senior Development Engineer, SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging

Hubertus Russert is a senior development engineer at SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging (Mainz, Germany).

FIGURE 1. Checking for hot spots with an IR camera yields reliable measurements (a). Heat measurements of a 10-mm-long SCHOTT Luminous cylindrical diffuser (b) at a slightly elevated power level (local radiant exitance or fluence rate) of 450 mW/cm (left) and 2.5 W/cm (right) diffuser length are also shown. At left, the diffuser heats up to 20.9°C, which is only slightly above room temperature (17°C); at right, even at considerably higher power levels, the diffuser heats up to levels of 36.4°C, remaining significantly below the critical temperature of 42°C. This is an advantage of SCHOTT’s glass-based diffusers, which are inherently bonded to the fiber, thus avoiding adhesives, over other commercially available diffuser technologies (for example, those based on polymers and glued to the fiber).
Bio&Life Sciences

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March 29, 2022
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