Bob Violino

Business and Technology Freelance Writer

Bob Violino is a business and technology freelance writer based in Massapequa, NY. He has been writing and editing print and web content for over 20 years, with a focus on information technology and business. Areas of coverage include cloud services, mobile technology, artificial intelligence/machine learning, social media, big data/analytics, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. Other topics of interest include enterprise applications, blockchain, IT management and career issues, radio frequency identification, data storage, server and desktop virtualization, open source, and outsourcing. He also likes to write about virtual/augmented reality, robotics, smart cities, 3D printing, and other emerging technologies.

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Lasers & Sources

Photonics: A key component of Industry 4.0

Feb. 14, 2022
Lasers and optics are playing a big role enabling Industry 4.0, thanks to innovations and decreasing costs.