Dan Robinson

Vice President of Sales, Weil Engineering North America

Dan Robinson is vice president of sales for Weil Engineering North America (Novi, MI).

FIGURE 1. The FLC (Flexible Laser Cell) Machine with one head for cutting and two heads for welding is shown.
Industrial Laser Solutions

Sequential laser cutting and welding

Sept. 23, 2020
This article details the development of an entirely new multi-head, multistep laser cutting and welding manufacturing process.
FIGURE 1. Older-generation silencers were typically made from stamped components with lock-seamed longitudinal seams, and end caps that were attached with either lock seams or overlap welds.
Industrial Laser Solutions

Laser welding of auto exhaust systems finds footing in United States

May 13, 2016
It's known that laser welding can play a big part in weight reduction, as it is already widespread in body and chassis applications.