Brennan DeCesar

Manager, Advanced Technology at Amada Miyachi America

Brennan DeCesar is Manager, Advanced Technology at Amada Miyachi America (Monrovia, CA).

FIGURE 1. Examples of banding (a) and Data Matrix (b) black, corrosion-resistant marks on stainless steel.
Laser Processing

Laser processing of medical devices

March 2, 2022
Recent laser innovations are opening the door to new applications within the medical device industry.
2011 Ils Boy 1
Industrial Laser Solutions

Corrosion-resistant black marking of medical devices

Nov. 23, 2020
Picosecond infrared lasers ensure high-contrast, permanent, and corrosion-resistant marks.
FIGURE 1. Cross-sections of machined channels in FEP (a) and PTFE (b) using different pulse durations are shown; in all cases, pulse energy, frequency, and scan speed were 100µJ, 10kHz, and 100mm/s, respectively.
Industrial Laser Solutions

Selecting the best ultrashort-pulse laser for polymer processing

Testing demonstrates that from a processing perspective, a femtosecond laser is the correct tool for polymer processing.