Paul Mortensen

Contributing Editor

Paul Mortensen was a contributing editor for Laser Focus World.


QUANTUM DOTS: Columnar dots achieve low-threshold lasing

Oct. 1, 1998
Researchers at Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Atsugi, Japan) have achieved continuous-wave (CW) lasing from a new type of columnar-shaped self-organized quantum dot. The closely stacked...
Grains of sand from age-hardened mud-wasp nests (top left) have enabled scientists in Western Australia to fix the minimum age of the 'Bradshaw' rock paintings at 17,000 years using optically stimulated luminescence with an argon-ion laser.

OPTICALLY STIMULATED LUMINESCENCE: Laser technique dates Ice-Age paintings

Aug. 1, 1997
Grains of sand from age-hardened mud-wasp nests and laser-based optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) have enabled Australian scientists to establish that rock paintings in ...
FIGURE 1. Conventional photolithography and etching processes were used by researchers at Canon to pattern the platinum electrodes of the surface conduction electron emitter cathode. The distance between the electrodes is 10 µm, and the width of the palladium oxide film is 100 µm.

Emissive display shows high-brightness images

Feb. 1, 1997
Researchers at Canon Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) have developed a new flat-panel cathodoluminescent display based on surface conduction electron emitters (SCEs).