Jean-Michel Pelaprat

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Nuburu

Jean-Michel Pelaprat is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Nuburu (Centennial, CO).        

(Data source: NASA 1969)
FIGURE 1. Fundamental physical properties dictate the amount of electromagnetic radiation a metal will absorb. Dozens of industrially important metals absorb blue light much better than IR, especially copper, which has 13 times better absorption in blue.
Laser Processing

Blue industrial laser brings speed, quality, and efficiency to metal 3D printing

Sept. 14, 2022
Blue laser technology currently under development will support the future expansion of additive manufacturing by delivering high resolution and high quality at higher print speeds...
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Industrial Laser Solutions

Blue lasers reach for the sky

March 24, 2021
High-power industrial lasers expand into new applications.
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Industrial Laser Solutions

Blue lasers add power and brightness

Blue lasers' capabilities open up the possibility to weld greater thicknesses of copper and other challenging materials, and also improve the ability to weld dissimilar metals...