Jack Gabzdyl

Industry Manager – Electronics, TRUMPF Laser UK Ltd

Dr. Jack Gabzdyl is Industry Manager – Electronics at TRUMPF Laser UK Ltd (Southampton, England) and has more than 30 years of laser materials processing experience. He obtained his PhD in laser processing from Imperial College London in 1989. He has since had a number of technical and marketing positions at BOC Gases, Advanced Laser Solutions, and TWI before joining TRUMPF (formerly SPI Lasers) in 2007.

FIGURE 1. Overview of laser surface processes in the battery pack.
Laser Processing

Flexible laser surface pre-treatment for joining

Nov. 17, 2022
Requirements for surface preparation in electro-mobility industries, such as those for welding seams on aluminum components and metal-plastic bonding, are diverse and complex....
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Industrial Laser Solutions

Pulsed nanosecond fiber lasers excel as versatile cutting tools

July 21, 2021
Best known for laser marking, pulsed nanosecond fiber lasers can also be used for cutting both metals and nonmetallic materials.
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Industrial Laser Solutions

Laser engraving plays to strengths of nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers

Nov. 23, 2020
Nanosecond pulsed fiber laser technology optimizes pulse characteristics for quality and productivity.