Erwan Normand

Technical Director, Cascade Technologies

Erwan Normand is technical director at Cascade Technologies (Glasgow, Scotland).

Courtesy of Cascade Technologies
The advantages of the QC laser have been harnessed in a commercialized gas-sensor platform (top). This platform can switch up to four lasers to eight measurement points simultaneously. In a typical emissions-monitoring application (bottom), design features such as fiber coupling and in situ probes improve measurement integrity.

QUANTUM-CASCADE LASERS: Quantum-cascade lasers enable gas-sensing technology

April 1, 2007
Extensive research and manufacturing improvements are delivering the output power levels and spectral behavior necessary to prove quantum-cascade lasers viable for commercial ...
FIGURE 1. Raw data for background and transmission spectra of room air was recorded using a 1270-cm-1 QC laser with intrapulse spectroscopy. A 2000-ns pulse is applied to the laser resulting in a frequency chirp, which sweeps the laser through the spectroscopic transitions of interest. A 0.048-cm-1 germanium etalon signal confirms greater than 6-cm-1 single-mode tuning.

Quantum-cascade lasers smell success

March 1, 2005
Innovative spectroscopic techniques and advances in spectrometer hardware promise major performance and cost improvements in tunable diode-laser absorption gas sensors.