Maridel Lares

Maridel Lares is a technical writer at Hamamatsu (Bridgewater, NJ).

FIGURE 1. A multipixel photon counter is a photon-counting device consisting of multiple APD pixels operating in Geiger mode. Each pixel outputs a pulse signal when it detects photons, and the output of the device is the total sum of the outputs from all the pixels.
Detectors & Imaging

APD Arrays: Geiger-mode APD arrays detect low light

Aug. 1, 2008
Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode arrays overcome limitations of a single device, and can distinguish between multiple-photon and single-photon events.
FIGURE 1. A typical PMT (left) uses dynodes as electron multipliers, while an HPD (right) uses an avalanche diode.
Detectors & Imaging

PHOTOMULTIPLIERS: Hybrid detector combines PMT and semiconductor-diode technologies

March 1, 2008
Originally developed for particle-physics experiments, the hybrid photodetector offers low-light detection with better pulse height resolution than a PMT, fast time response and...