Robert Kloczkowski

Sales and marketing manager, Iradion Laser
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Robert Kloczkowski, Iradion Laser (Uxbridge, MA) sales and marketing manager, has worked in the laser industry for over 30 years. After graduating from Boston University with a MS in Physics, he worked for Cincinnati Incorporated, a machine tool builder, for 15 years as a sales manager, and then as a laser product manager. This was followed by a laser product manager position at Rofin-Sinar, selling a variety of laser sources including CO2, fiber, picosecond, and femtosecond wavelengths, as well as systems and workstations. After Coherent acquired Rofin-Sinar in 2017, he moved to Iradion Laser to promote its patented ceramic-core CO2 laser technology to OEM system builders and integrators in North and South America.

FIGURE 1. Iradion Laser’s CO2 laser design hermetically seals the CO2 laser gas mixture in an aluminum-oxide ceramic core or chamber.
Industrial Laser Solutions

Ceramic core carbon dioxide lasers serve a wide range of industries

Dec. 19, 2021
With the expanding use of non-metal materials, carbon dioxide lasers have experienced a renaissance in popularity.