Karl Leahy

Director of Product Marketing, ams OSRAM

Karl Leahy is the Director of Product Marketing at ams OSRAM (San Jose, CA).

(Courtesy of ams OSRAM)
ams OSRAM’s Vegalas RGB laser module prototype cuts the size of a projection light engine in half, and could someday make AR smart glasses a reality for consumers.
Lasers & Sources

Advanced lasers shed new light on the future of AR smart glasses

Nov. 21, 2022
New lasers can cut projection light engine size in half, allowing lightweight compact designs for smart glasses.
FIGURE 1. Topics for consideration when designing the visual technology for AR glasses.

With lasers: Augmented reality for the masses

Nov. 17, 2021
Despite the lack of mainstream acceptance and a lag in widespread adoption, the demand for augmented reality (AR) technology continues to grow. Increasingly, companies are investing...