Francesca Moglia

Francesca Moglia is a Project Leader at the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC; Brussels, Belgium).

FIGURE 1. The final result of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Tiny Landscape” after different stages of cleaning are shown in the side sequence (Milan, Castello Sforzesco, Sala delle Asse, southwest wall; courtesy of the Municipality of Milan/Ranzani 2015 and 2019).
Industrial Laser Solutions

Laser cleaning offers versatility for broad range of applications

Dec. 18, 2021
Laser cleaning is a technology increasingly used for a variety of applications, including welding pre- and post-treatments, coating removal, and decontamination.
FIGURE 1. Main molecular structure with vibration and rotation in the 2–12 μm spectrum.
Lasers & Sources

Looking to the future of quantum cascade lasers

Nov. 17, 2021
Due to the characteristically narrow linewidth of a quantum cascade laser (QCL), related applications focus mainly on chemical sensing. In the long term, however, telecommunications...