Haike Frank

Marketing Director, SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging

Haike Frank, Ph.D., is the Marketing Director at SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging (Mainz, Germany).

FIGURE 1. Checking for hot spots with an IR camera yields reliable measurements (a). Heat measurements of a 10-mm-long SCHOTT Luminous cylindrical diffuser (b) at a slightly elevated power level (local radiant exitance or fluence rate) of 450 mW/cm (left) and 2.5 W/cm (right) diffuser length are also shown. At left, the diffuser heats up to 20.9°C, which is only slightly above room temperature (17°C); at right, even at considerably higher power levels, the diffuser heats up to levels of 36.4°C, remaining significantly below the critical temperature of 42°C. This is an advantage of SCHOTT’s glass-based diffusers, which are inherently bonded to the fiber, thus avoiding adhesives, over other commercially available diffuser technologies (for example, those based on polymers and glued to the fiber).
Bio&Life Sciences

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March 29, 2022
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FIGURE 1. Laser-induced thermal therapy (LITT; a) and photodynamic therapy/ photoimmunotherapy (PDT/PIT; b) are used to treat cancer and other severe pathologies.
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Aug. 18, 2021
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