Jeff Grant

Senior Writer, Roper Scientific

Jeff Grant is senior writer at Roper Scientific (Tucson, AZ).

FIGURE 1. Treated and untreated cell populations can be labeled with differing fluorophores and then compared via two-dimensional gel electrophoresis to gauge the treatment's effect on protein charge (isoelectric point) and mass (relative molecular weight).
Detectors & Imaging

CCD cameras provide a better view for proteomics

Nov. 1, 2003
Digital imaging systems are evolving to satisfy the diverse protocols of proteomics and help define new ones.
FIGURE 1. Fluorescence emission of single molecules of perylene diimide in polymethylmethacrylate polymer is acquired using a Photometrics Cascade camera with 'on-chip multiplication gain' off (top) and on (bottom).
Detectors & Imaging

Advances in CCD technology target specific applications

Dec. 1, 2002
Manufacturers such as Kodak, Sony, and E2V have designed imaging sensors with a variety of unique characteristics optimized for use in applications from microscopy to gene chip...
FIGURE 1. Fiberoptic-coupled CCD cameras (top) have a significantly higher collection efficiency than comparable lens-coupled CCD cameras (bottom). The fiber bundle, with its larger light-capturing area, maintains the incident pattern of illumination and delivers it to the CCD.
Fiber Optics

Fiberoptic coupling increases imaging efficiency and view

Aug. 1, 1998
Bonding fibers directly to a charge-coupled device allows significant improvements to be made to image quality and responsiveness in scientific and biomedical applications.