Valentina Caorsi

Head of the R&D Department, Abbelight SAS

Dr. Valentina Caorsi is Head of the R&D Department at Abbelight SAS (Cachan, France).

FIGURE 1. The spectral demixing principle shows normalized spectra of two typical red dyes, AF647 and CF680, with the long-pass dichroic filter at 700 nm to separate the two emission (a); an example of PSF recordings on Cam1 and Cam2 (b, top), zoom-in (b, middle), and 2D Gaussian PSF representation to evaluate center position and photon counting (b, bottom); photon ratio distribution and an example of ranges chosen for ƛ assignment (c); an optical pathway adopted for the spectral separation, with a first dichroic separate excitation from emission—the emission light is then split with a second long-pass dichroic into the two cameras (d); and an example of image reconstruction of a Cos7 cell labeled for tubulin AF647 and Clathrin CF680 (e).
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