Paul Murphy

Senior Optical Engineer, QED Technologies

Paul Murphy is a senior optical engineer at QED Technologies (Rochester, NY).

FIGURE 1. A diagram of rigid-body motions shows the six possible degrees of freedom. For rotationally symmetric parts, the axis of symmetry is assumed to be along the Z axis.

Aspheres: Removing alignment errors from measurements of spherical, aspheric, and freeform optics

Aug. 1, 2019
Optical surface measurements include alignment error from rigid-body position uncertainty; challenges exist when fitting such errors on aspheres and freeforms.
FIGURE 1. A 3D plot shows departure from the best-fit sphere of the example freeform optic.

Aspheres: Subaperture stitching interferometry enhances advanced freeform optics

April 11, 2017
Freeform fabrication technology has advanced considerably with improved diamond turning, grinding, and polishing machines. Freeform surface testing, however, remains a significant...