David Appell

Assistant Editor, Technology

David Appell was Assistant Editor, Technology for Laser Focus World.

Fiber Optics

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April 1, 1998
Broadband Technologies (Research Triangle Park, NC) has signed a development contract for Lucent Technologies AnyMedia Access System, together with other agreements valued at ...
Fiber Optics

REMOTE SENSING: Fiberoptic chloride sensors monitor Vermont bridge

March 1, 1998
Chloride-based deicing agents, otherwise known as road salts, are used on roads and bridges located in winter climates because the agents lower the melting point of ice.
Test & Measurement

Space-based instrumentation: Shuttle laser to measure atmospheric winds

March 1, 1998
You don`t need an orbiter to know which way the wind blows, unless you are a climate modeler in search of accurate data about the speed, direction, and vertical profile of atmospheric...