Sean Murphy

Vice President of Business Development, BeamWise

Sean Murphy is vice president of business development at BeamWise (San Jose, CA).

(Courtesy of BeamWise)
FIGURE 1. BeamWise integrates the entire optical design workflow. After interactively creating a rough optical layout, the functional design is verified and tweaked using optical ray-tracing or full-propagation modeling tools (middle row, left) called directly from BeamWise. Optomechanical components are then added to the model using either linked databases from catalog suppliers (top row) or one's own custom/proprietary parts. The resulting optomechanical design is checked in BeamWise for physical conflicts and adjusted as needed. To run final checks, the design is exported as a 3D file to CAD tools (middle row, right) and/or as a Zemax file. Final design files (2D drawings, bill of materials, 3D model) are generated for documentation and transfer to manufacturing (bottom row).

Optical System Design: Software environment creates coherent workflow for optical system design

May 10, 2017
Bidirectional interfacing with other optical tools, real-time visualization, and interactive altering of designs all spur optical design creativity.