Jozef Sofka, Ph.D.

Senior R&D Engineer, Finger Lakes Instrumentation

Jozef Sofka, Ph.D., is a senior R&D engineer at Finger Lakes Instrumentation (Binghamton, NY).

FIGURE 1. Multicolor switched excitation and emission light paths in a fluorescence microscope differ according to configuration: Pinkel uses fixed multiband dichroic and multiband emission filters (a), Sedat uses a fixed multiband dichroic filter and a high-speed emission filter wheel (b), and Incite uses a high-speed simultaneous dichroic and emission filter switcher (c).
Detectors & Imaging

Fluorescence Imaging/Microscopy: Improving fluorescence signal in time-sensitive experiments

High-speed filter switching provides improvements equal to doubling or quadrupling of camera quantum efficiency, with reduced risk of specimen phototoxicity.