Alan Symmons

Executive VP of Operations, LightPath Technologies

Alan Symmons is executive VP of operations at LightPath Technologies (Orlando, FL).

FIGURE 1. Numerous materials suitable for use in IR optics include chalcogenide glasses, semiconductors, water-soluble crystals, and others; the chalcogenides are shown in blue.
Optics & Design

Advances in Optical Systems: Chalcogenide’s place in the infrared optical materials spectrum

Nov. 1, 2018
Many optical materials exist for designing IR optics; chalcogenide BD6 has some advantages when compared with legacy materials.
FIGURE 1. Theoretical drop in index of refraction is shown for a moldable glass.

Aspheres: Precision glass molded aspheric lenses: Design for manufacturing

April 13, 2016
Designing for manufacturability of precision glass molded aspheric lenses provides the lowest possible cost at the highest possible quality.
(Courtesy of Edmund Optics)
Complex aspheric surface profiles can greatly reduce or eliminate many aberrations in spherical-lens optical systems.

Laser Optics: Selecting the right aspheres for laser applications

June 1, 2015
Manufacturing processes including CNC polishing, precision glass molding, or hybrid aspherizing are combined with inspection and testing techniques to integrate aspheres into ...