Gregg Fales

Senior Product Line Manager, Edmund Optics

Gregg Fales is senior product line manager, both at Edmund Optics (Barrington, NJ).

(Courtesy of TelAztec)
FIGURE 1. As seen in this electron-microscope image, surface antireflection structures exist in many varieties. The random AR structure (lower right) is now commercially available.

Laser Optics: Antireflection nanotextures for laser optics go commercial

Sept. 14, 2016
Antireflection nanotextures provide high optical performance, low surface absorption, and high laser-damage resistance, leading to long-term beam stability.
(Courtesy of Edmund Optics)
Complex aspheric surface profiles can greatly reduce or eliminate many aberrations in spherical-lens optical systems.

Laser Optics: Selecting the right aspheres for laser applications

June 1, 2015
Manufacturing processes including CNC polishing, precision glass molding, or hybrid aspherizing are combined with inspection and testing techniques to integrate aspheres into ...
FIGURE 1. Multiple lasers and wavelengths can be readily combined and directed with a few dichroic mirrors and filters, enabling simpler, more efficient systems that contain fewer parts to maintain, replace, and stock.

OPTICAL COMPONENTS & SYSTEMS: Simplify laser system design with dichroic filters and mirrors

Jan. 1, 2013
Sputter coatings for laser mirrors and dichroic filters offer advantages over traditional coatings to designers creating systems that combine multiple lasers.