Marco Koschorreck

Head of R&D, Jenoptik Laser

Marco Koschorreck is Head of R&D at Jenoptik Laser (Jena, Germany).

FIGURE 1. The new diode laser can emit more than 400 W; however, its point of operation is chosen to be about 275 W to achieve maximum conversion efficiency.
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High-power Laser Diodes: Diode-laser enhancements boost efficiency and reliability

Sept. 1, 2019
Passively cooled high-power laser diodes with nonsoldered joints and new cooling scheme show high reliability under hard-pulsed and continuous-wave operation.
FIGURE 1. A schematic shows the operation of a basic flow cytometer. Cells are introduced into a laser beam in a liquid stream by hydrodynamic focusing, either with a nozzle or enclosed quartz flow cell. Signal collection optics collect excited fluorescence signals, which are steered to PMTs using dichroic mirrors and narrow bandpass filters. Modern instruments can utilize fiber optics for both laser delivery and signal collection.
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Lasers for the Biosciences: Novel ultraviolet 320 nm laser source enhances flow cytometry

Sept. 13, 2017
A 320 nm laser makes high-dimensional flow cytometry easier and more economical.