Nico Vieweg

Director R&D Terahertz, TOPTICA Photonics

Nico Vieweg is Director R&D Terahertz at TOPTICA Photonics (Gräfelfing, Germany).

FIGURE 1. (a) A schematic of an ECOPS-based terahertz time-domain spectrometer and (b) photograph of the actual implementation (TeraFlash smart system, TOPTICA Photonics AG) are shown.

Industry-grade terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system has kilohertz measurement rates

Sept. 15, 2020
Intended for inline thickness gauging, an industrial terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system based on electronically controlled optical sampling measures terahertz pulses at...
FIGURE 1. a) Photograph of an airbag cover: The roman numbers denote (i) break line, (ii) adhesive label, (iii) stampings within the polymer, and (iv) retainer bars. b) Corresponding terahertz image.

TERAHERTZ INSTRUMENTATION: CW terahertz technology overcomes performance and cost concerns

Jan. 1, 2013
Continuous-wave terahertz spectrometers operating at 1.5 μm can take advantage of telecom laser equipment, enabling terahertz to emerge from the lab first in the field of spectroscopy...