Andy Gillooly

Business Development Manager, Fibercore

Andy Gillooly is the business development manager at Fibercore (Southampton, U.K.).

In 2001, Andy graduated from the University of Birmingham, with a masters degree in physics and received a PhD in fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) from Aston University, England.

He spent over four years as a senior development engineer at SPI Lasers, developing FBGs and pulsed fiber lasers. After SPI, Andy joined Sharp Laboratories of Europe, responsible for the optical design and technical customer interactions for Sharps wafer-level camera project. Later, Andy joined Fibercore, where he is currently responsible for driving the company forward into new markets with new products; he has currently been with Fibercore for 14 years.

(Courtesy of Fibercore)
FIGURE 1. Low-Earth orbit, medium-Earth orbit, and geostationary Earth orbit as they overlap with Van Allen belts.
Fiber Optics

Advancing industry innovation with specialty optical fibers

June 7, 2023
Specialty optical fibers are rapidly moving beyond niche applications.
FIGURE 1. Three-dimensional shape sensing promises to facilitate procedures such as coronary angioplasty with highly accurate GPS-like guidance provided by feedback from the optical fiber, which exhibits strain when bent; this application is enabled by a highly complex optical fiber such as the spun seven-core SM-7C 1500(6.1/125).
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Advanced Optics: Advanced fiber optics further biomedicine

Aug. 1, 2018
Leading-edge manufacturing processes have enabled the production of optical fibers robust and flexible enough to address an exciting new range of biomedical applications.
(Courtesy of Interfiber Analysis)
Shown are an end-face image of Fibercore's spun multicore fiber, SSM-7C 1500(6.1/125; a) and a diagram of the cores taking a helical path down the length of the fiber with FBGs distributed along the length of each core (b). The multicore fiber end-face image was measured on an IFA-100 fiber index profiler.
Fiber Optics

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Aug. 11, 2016
Moving beyond conventional fiber-optic sensing, novel types and configurations of sensing fibers provide new capabilities for minimally invasive surgery.