Mark E. Brezinski MD, PhD

Physician and Scientist

• Works as a scientist (bench to bedside: from engineering/physics to clinical trials) and a clinician.

• Pioneered optical coherence tomography (OCT) since the early 90‘s, as well as quantum mechanics in macroscopic systems.

• Continues to advance OCT with adjuvant approaches: PS-OCT, quantum second order correlations, elastography, OCT-ultrasound, index matching.

• Clinical research mainly in orthopedics and cardiology, with clinical trials in osteoarthritis and rotator cuff repair. Has worked extensively on quantum optics and quantum phenomena in biological systems.

• Co-founded Lightlab Imaging (now a subsidiary of St. Jude Medical), which sells cardiovascular OCT translated from concept to FDA approved systems.

• Author of over 150 publications, has served on over 80 federal committees, honoree of many awards including the Presidential Award from President Clinton. Advisor to many federal agencies. Named one of the top pioneering researchers in Brigham and Women’s Hospital 100 year history, 2014.