Corentin Spriet

Research Engineer- IR2 CNRS

20 publications, 1 European patent, 1 Deutsches Patentamt, 2 CNRS licences

1998-2002 B.Sc in biochemistry and biology, USTL, Lille
2002-2003 M.Sc instrumental developments « IAA, option imagerie et traitement du signal, Polytech'lille »Major.
2003-2006 PhD in “instrumentation and advanced analysis” summa cum laude

Research experience:
2010- Research engineer (IRI, Lille)
Project: development of new multimodal microscopy procedures for the functional study of transcription regulation in living cells.
2007-2009Franco-German Post-doctoral fellowship (DKFZ Heidelberg–IRI Lille)
Project: biophysical study of diffusion in living cell nucleus by FCS/FCCS.