Pete Kupinski

Optical Coating Group Leader, Optimax Systems

Pete Kupinski is optical coating group leader at Optimax Systems (Ontario, NY). 

FIGURE 1. PVD thin film processes, including (a) evaporation, (b) plasma ion-assisted deposition (PIAD), and (c) ion beam sputtering (IBS).

Advances in Optical Systems: Laser mirror design tradeoffs impact optical system performance

Nov. 19, 2019
In addition to tradeoffs between mirror reflectivity, wavefront, laser-damage threshold, and cost, new low stress coatings offer weight, geometry, and thermomechanical performance...
A dielectric multilayer stack coating, measuring 0.5 μm in total thickness, that has been intentionally released from the optic surface before imaging. The image was taken at 200x using a Nomarski microscope.

Advances in Optical Manufacturing: Measurement considerations when specifying optical coatings

Oct. 13, 2015
Design, specification, and procurement of optical coatings all benefit when the designer has a good understanding of measurement techniques and uncertainties.
FIGURE 1. High magnification reveals images of high-energy laser-induced damage on coated surfaces.

Optical Systems: Transmissive high-energy laser optics: Manufacturing and testing considerations

Sept. 8, 2014
There are many decisions to make when designing, specifying, manufacturing, and testing optical components for high-energy laser systems-each is a potential failure mechanism ...