Shawn Iles

Optical Manufacturing Engineer, Edmund Optics

Shawn Iles is Optical Manufacturing Engineer at Edmund Optics (Tucson, AZ).

FIGURE 1. The power spectral density (PSD) is created by taking a Fourier transform of the measured surface [1].
Lasers & Sources

White-light interferometry resolves sub-Angstrom surface roughness

July 14, 2020
Superpolished surfaces with sub-Angstrom surface roughness have become critical in cutting-edge optical systems, and this high level of precision requires specialized metrology...
FIGURE 1. Fractures caused by high localized pressure during polishing.

Fabrication of ultralow-roughness surfaces: The Beilby layer

June 16, 2020
By focusing on incremental removal of small portions of the Beilby layer, near-perfect optical surfaces are created.