Amber Czajkowski

Product Line Manager, Alluxa

Amber Czajkowski is product line manager at Alluxa (Santa Rosa, CA); she previously served as a thin-film engineer at Edmund Optics (Barrington, NJ) from 2009 through 2014.

FIGURE 1. A dual-band IR filter used to monitor climate change exhibits negligible absorption in the water band and low passband ripple.

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June 13, 2016
Advances in thin-film technology have given rise to a new class of multiband coatings.
FIGURE 1. (a) Filter squareness is a direct function of cavity count. (b) shows repeatability of high-cavity-count-filters, with four consecutive runs of fully blocked, high-cavity-count emission filters run in two different chambers; and (c) shows blocking levels of Alluxa's high-cavity-count filters, where the noise floor on blocking measurements generally is between 60 and 80 dB.
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FIGURE 1. To evaluate a 785 nm Raman longpass edge filter for integration into a spectroscopy setup, the optical engineer faces three measurement challenges: confirm transmission of the passband, resolve and verify that steepness of the nearly vertical edge is OD6 @ 785 nm.

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