Magnus Bengtsson

Director of Strategic Marketing, Coherent

Magnus Bengtsson is Director of Strategic Marketing at Coherent (Santa Clara, CA). 

FIGURE 1. Cavity loss, stored energy, and output power are plotted as a function of time in a Q-switched laser cavity (bottom); the dashed vertical lines denote one cycle of the process, which results in a single laser pulse. This cycle typically lasts anywhere from about 10 μs to 1 ms. The production of a Q-switched pulse is depicted at top.
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SOLID-STATE LASERS: Laser pulsing: The nuts and bolts of Q-switching and modelocking

June 1, 2012
Two versatile pulsing technologies—Q-switching and modelocking—are the basis of most commercial pulsed lasers in use today, for applications ranging from medical imaging and diagnostics...