Volker Pfeufer

Senior Product Line Manager, Coherent GmbH

Volker Pfeufer is Senior Product Line Manager for Diode-pumped Solid State Lasers at Coherent GmbH (Luebeck, Germany).

FIGURE 1. The original Sanger sequencing method was based on terminated polymerizations and labeling with radioactive nucleotides followed by length separation using electrophoresis on gel plates. It was modified to use fluorescent nucleotides, capillary electrophoresis separation, and laser detection, enabling first-generation automation.

GENETICS/DNA SEQUENCING: Laser fluorescence powers sequencing advances

Jan. 21, 2015
DNA sequencing based on laser-excited fluorescence is characterized by dramatic increases in throughput, equally impressive reductions in cost, and diverse technological innovations...
(Courtesy Christian Eggeling and Alf Honigman)
FIGURE 1. STED microscopy overlaps a donut-shaped beam (for spatially selective photobleaching) with a Gaussian beam for fluorescence excitation. As the STED beam intensity is increased, it smoothly constricts the non-bleached area of the sample beyond the diffraction limit.
Detectors & Imaging

Lasers for Biophotonics: Lasers meet changing demands of biomedical applications

Jan. 16, 2015
Fluorescence detection techniques for applications such as cytometry, microscopy, and sequencing continue to advance with support from evolving laser sources such as optically...