Nigel Gallaher

Nigel Gallaher is a Product Manager at Coherent (Santa Clara, CA).

(Courtesy of Adam Packer, Häusser lab, University College London)
Optogenetics microscopy setup: A ytterbium fiber laser (Coherent Fidelity), which is used primarily for photoactivation, is used in conjunction with a tunable ultrafast laser (Coherent Chameleon; background).
Lasers & Sources

Optogenetics: Optogenetics research drives new laser technologies

June 1, 2015
The desire of optogenetics researchers to stimulate and probe a higher number of neurons in larger volumes with improved specificity—and at single-neuron resolution—is driving...
(Courtesy Christian Eggeling and Alf Honigman)
FIGURE 1. STED microscopy overlaps a donut-shaped beam (for spatially selective photobleaching) with a Gaussian beam for fluorescence excitation. As the STED beam intensity is increased, it smoothly constricts the non-bleached area of the sample beyond the diffraction limit.
Detectors & Imaging

Lasers for Biophotonics: Lasers meet changing demands of biomedical applications

Jan. 16, 2015
Fluorescence detection techniques for applications such as cytometry, microscopy, and sequencing continue to advance with support from evolving laser sources such as optically...
(Images courtesy of the Campagnola lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
These second-harmonic-generation (SHG) images depict single optical sections of ex vivo human ovarian tissue. The malignant tumors are high-grade serous tumors as classified as pathology (left column). The field size in each case is 170 × 170 μm. The images were acquired at 40X 0.8 NA at zoom 2 using 890 nm excitation in the forward detection, isolated with a bandpass filter, and detected by a single-photon-counting photomultiplier.

NONLINEAR MICROSCOPY/LABEL-FREE DEEP-TISSUE IMAGING: Long-wavelength lasers push SHG toward preclinical and clinical apps

May 19, 2014
A new generation of 1055 nm ultrafast fiber lasers maximizes the productivity of nonlinear microscopy systems. The lasers promise to enable the translation of such label-free ...